Books for one to 101 year-olds to help SUPPORT RESILIENCE., kindness and hope.

Stand Tall Like a Mountain

This uplifting picture book is formally designed for 3 to 8 year olds - but with its lively notes of hope and optimism, the title conveys a wonderful life message for the whole family from 1 to 101 years! Written in rhyme, the book nurtures confidence and kindness, offering a range of creative solutions to resolve everyday obstacles whilst fostering positive wellbeing. The book is presented by a feisty little storyteller 'Mouse', who presents a toolbox of emotional resources and life skills.  The storyline presents themes with direct scope for further teaching and guidance by adults. 'Stand Tall Like a Mountain' presents a compelling message helping to gently reinforce each child's sense of  courage and self-belief.  As well as  children, parents and grandparents, it appeals to teachers and those working within a range of therapeutic settings.

Bouncing Bouncing Back

With the wise paws of three resilient 'four-legged friends', this vibrant picture book holds a timeless message for all generations: with courage and determination we can all find unique ways to bounce back from life's challenges and disappointments. As championed by the book's courageous characters, the challenge itself  can evolve into new understanding and new meaning: a "golden key" that provides a way of unlocking the doorway to our personal hopes and sense of purpose. Adapted from the original ‘Bouncing Back from Beepatrack’, this little book belongs in the library of every home. With its energetic and quirky style, 'Bouncing Bouncing Back' reminds us to always seek the silver lining within our clouds...  and with a resilient mindset, to never give up on our dreams.