What We Are All About

Golden Oak Press is passionate about creating books that inspire hope, resilience and positive self-worth for all ages. Our titles carry strong, timeless messages that help us to stand tall, to believe in our sense of purpose and to pick ourselves up when we stumble and fall. With a celebration of creativity, kindness and diversity, the core themes we champion are:


The unique strengths we all possess


Whoever, wherever we are, we all possess unique and diverse strengths. Once we embrace and nourish these, we can 'walk our purpose', sharing these gifts with others, spreading a little joy along the way. Enthusiasm and happiness are contagious!


Our capacity for courage and determination


With collective support, optimism and effort, creative solutions can be discovered and acted upon. In the face of adversity, these solutions enhance new courage, motivation and the capacity to try again. 


Life as a creative adventure


Like every other human being, sometimes we will stumble and fall. As we learn to perceive life as an adventure, showing ourselves and others understanding, compassion and self-kindness along the way, these life experiences catalyse the discovery of unexpected resources and new meaning. As we bounce back and share the skills and insights we have developed, so our life gradually evolves into a journey of possibilities with a renewed and collective sense of life purpose.