A little about us

The team at Golden Oak Press draw inspiration from everyday stories of courage, hope and determination: the adventures of people, their families and 'four-legged friends' as they travel along the path of life.  These inspiring stories of courage, kindness and resilience shaped by the human qualities of love, resolve and optimism are the catalyst behind the themes of their current titles: 

'Stand Tall Like A Mountain' and 'Bouncing, Bouncing Back'

The founder and writer Dr Shara Drysdale (who has also written as Ray) - holds a doctorate and first class honours degree within her studies of psychology. She extended her education in Zurich, Switzerland and has travelled widely, drawing inspiration from many cultures. 

You can learn more about what inspires Shara in her life and work here: 

The team's real education is the journey of life itself. Within both their work and travels, they are passionate about helping individuals to flourish, by  celebrating and embracing their unique strengths and potential. Their titles have been warmly appreciated within many diverse settings including school, community library, therapeutic and some university forums. Stand Tall Like a Mountain was also selected as one of the 'stories of inspiration' within the "Christchurch Stands Tall" post-quake education pack with the Wild in Art's initiative.  


Our aim is for our message of courage and hope to reach people around the globe to help inspire sustained resilience, wellbeing and lasting positive change.